Who’s Who


This photograph was taken in January 2018 when three Readers received their licence from the Bishop of Birmingham to minister in the Parish of Handsworth.

Left to right are Dr Stephanie Hayton, Ruth Cooper, The Revd Canon Catherine Grylls (Diocesan Warden of Readers who presented the licences on behalf of the Bishop), Eureka Drayton and Penny Stephen (who was licensed as a Reader to the Parish in March 2015). They support the Rector in all aspects of ministry in the Parish.

Keith Hemmings
Church Warden

Doreen Hemmings
Church Warden

Margaret Thomas
PCC Secretary

Edna Simkin
Church Treasurer

Eddie Lear OBE
Parish Treasurer

Rosemarie Seadon
Captain of the Tower

Ethel Lubin
Safeguarding Officer

Penny Stephen
Responsible Person for Safeguarding

Khadeem Duncan-Banerjee FRSA
Director of Music